I've done quite a bit of work in B2B content. From blogs, to case studies, to ebooks, I've created informative material that promotes products and information to some of the biggest names in broadcasting, commerce, and more. Here are a few samples of work that I've done. All the work shared on this page is publicly released.

Marketing Guide.PNG

Influencer Marketing Ebook

I wrote ebooks for an influencer marketing company called Sideqik. The goal of this ebook was to give a detailed overview to prospective clients on how to get started on creating influencer marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and raise their overall revenue.

Broadcasting and Advertising Ebook

I also wrote content for a company that serves as a digital platform for publishers, broadcasters, and radio stations. My content there had a similar goal: to inform potential partners with thought leadership, in order to help them understand the expertise of the company.



I also was the major contributor to Sideqik's blog. While writing there, I wrote both informative and fun articles about influencers, marketing campaigns, and other topics related to influencer marketing.