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For over 7 years, I supported the Georgia Tech School of Music in marketing their academic programs, musical content, and live events. I also personally built multiple websites supporting these efforts, but here you're just going to find samples of work that I wrote for those websites.


Atlanta: A City of Music, Culture, and Opportunity

This was an article I researched and wrote highlighting the musical culture of Atlanta. I interviewed the students and entrepreneurs featured in the article, and highlighted their experiences and expertise in the copy that I wrote.

Music Tech is Different Here

I interviewed students, learned more about their personal journeys, and conveyed to potential new students how they could relate to each story. 

Math to Music.PNG

From Math to Music

This was a fun article I did highlighting a performance the Georgia Tech Orchestra did celebrating one of the more famous mathematical problems in history: The Seven Bridges of Königsberg! Pardon the pdf format, this was made for an older form of Drupal, so I added the file form instead.

We Can Hack That!

A short article I wrote about how much Georgia Tech students love competing in Hackathons. Once again, forgive the pdf format. It's a slightly older piece of work, but one I really enjoyed doing and showcasing.

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